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Galleon European Tour 1997

Now itīs time for GALLEON to go 
tourin' in Europe again. 
They have as usually been 
rehearsaling real hard. 
This year Galleon hits the roads 
(and the see J ) from the 8:th of 
September until the 26:th , when 
the last performance takes place 
in Bordeaux in France.
After that gig they returns to the North , but let's take it from the beginning....


Below you can find some pics from the tour

In Oslo, the 9:th of September, Galleon makes their first concert
at the Chateau Neuf.
Hopefully they make their musica excellento in sold out houses...    
Next day , Wednesday the 10:th , Galleon plays at Dojan in Gothenburg.
After that England is waiting...

Saturday the 13:th , on English ground , Galleon plays in Rotherham.
Last year Galleon made a very good performance there.
On Monday Galleon travel by ferry to the continent....
Wednesday the 17:th Galleon arrives at Dudelange in Luxemburg.
Playing in the evening for hopefully lots of fans...
After that adventure , the quartet arrives in Holland.
The 20:th , Saturday , Galleon plays in the town Uden.
Perhaps the local radio station cover their concert...?
Then , the 21:th comes the climax of the tour : Galleon is one of the band
playing at the German Progressive Rock Festival , in Bruchsal , Germany
This festival contains names like :
Saga, Seconds Out , No Name and the megaband ASIA !!
The last concert in this Tour-97 takes place in Bordeaux , France.
Saturday the 26:th Galleon unpack their instruments for the last time,
before itīs time to travel north again , against the cold and the snow...
The pics below comes up in a separate window - just click it away . . . . 

Rotherham  -  EnglandRotherham  -  EnglandBordeaux  -  FranceBordeaux  -  France

Dudelange  -  LuxembourgDudelange  -  LuxembourgDudelange  -  LuxembourgDudelange  -  Luxembourg

Dudelange  -  LuxembourgBruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  Germany

Bruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  Germany

Bruchsal  -  GermanyBruchsal  -  Germany


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