A soldier on the run
Wounded stumbles on
Tortured, Hungry and scared
Tired of the war
Tired of blood and death
A refugee, a spirit free
He was found a rainy night
They cured him with doubts
A risk, a danger, an enemy
As the time went by
He worked hard
And earned their trust
He saw her in the fields
He saw her in the streets
So sweet so real
She saw he’s friendly
Shy and insecure
But pleased by he’s quiet charm
How should they meet
How should they begin
To find a way, to each others hearts
Fortune came their way
At the village dance
The first steps, the chance
Both afraid, like wallflowers made
Evertime it’s just the same
To seize the moment, and break the ice
Take the chance, ask for the next dance
After many years, he said
No more fears
May I have this dance with you
They danced all night long
Laughed and talked
Swirling crazy in love
This human heart
Fear keeps us apart
Why is love so hard. to find

Music: Galleon
Lyrics: G. Fors