She looked into my eyes and stole my cigarette.

Then she leaned forward , her lips were warm and wet.

The bar was closing down so we walked out in the night.

We exchanged commitments in the cold sphere of a street light.

And she was beautiful like the eastern sea.
She was unexploited like the world to me

When she said she loved me it touched my heart.
I just couldn't see that she was playing a part.

That night there was trouble in the middle east.
And the whole fucking world was gathering for the feast.

While they tried to figure out  who was foe or friend.
Thousands of children saw their childhoods end.

Accusations and threats from the men in power.
Their all quite safe in their golden towers

While Washington and Kreml was chatting over the phone.
Thousands of children where standing alone.

Alone again in my one room flat. My Telly showing a boy eating a rat.

Their blockade is working what do i care.
A country is starving it doesn't seem fair.

I switched channels staring at the phone.
Never before have I felt this alone.

I checked again but the line was still open.
She promised to call a promise was broken.

Squeezing the ring around my finger (never felt so helpless)

She said love but meant a dead ringer.

On a subway station in the outskirts of town,
a young boy was killed with a knife.

Kids were fighting, a young girls raped.
And some asshole is molesting his wife.

And i just lost the love of my life. For whom are the tears in my eyes.

There is no justification for this ego fixation
but at least i´m not giving you



Lyrics: Värn