(Petterson Värn)

I went to London with Judy and my band.

We toyed with feelings like nervous guests in partyland.

We played some small joints while Judy found work.

I spended her money on Whisky and made a good impersonation of a jerk.

The best you ever seen.

Lonely and lost in Trafalgar square. Lost my band and my baby there.

Hangover and broke , at the first light. It was the first of many lonely nights.

It was raining in London and i knew how to get wet.

Parts of me needed to dry out ,but the winds weren't  favorable jet.

I sold my belongings ,but kept my guitar.

And played for nickels and dimes to spend in the nearest bar.

It couldn't take me far.

Lonely and lost........

I met my equals ,in my Soho Hotel

We found our way out on an orange boat to Israel

It was time to sail away.

Lonely and lost . . . . 

Lyrics by:Värn