Standing in a lighthouse , with my eyes towards the sun.

I belong there i´ll be strong there.

A fugitive from options , before it have begun.

I can't do it , I just can't commit.

It´s just a slight , restatement of the play

Only a light , restatement of the play.

Standing in a corner , my palms towards my face.

I cant do it , I just canīt commit.

Leaving this world , means a different time or space.

I belong there. I'll be strong there.

It´s just a slight . . . .

When lions on monuments are rising to roar.

Presidents , play golf , lift there heads to shout fore.

Are we winning or losing?
We turn to the play.

And read that the options , may come to us some day.

Oh , do we need it do we care , can we see it everywhere.

When huns were attacking , our castles and our farms.

And then went to spread the word of god , with soldiers , with arms.

Did we feel the God of progress , caressing our cheeks?

Is it true that we are looking , and that we find what we seek?

Oh , do we need it do we care , can we touch what we cant bear.

I see I touch

Awake , here I stand here I lie , there's a storm in my eye now I can see.

Heartbreak , things of beauty must fall
I just reached the wall now I can touch.

I see I touch

I know , inside the castle lies a garden ,
it feels so very hard when I canīt see

I read , that in the garden lives a girl ,
things of beauty is her world I´d like to touch.

I see I touch

I seek I watch

The castle walls are breaking down before my eyes.

With this knowledge , I turn to the sky

I seek I watch

I see I touch

Lyrics by : M.Värn