European Anthem


"Remember when we where in tune
we have been passed by many moon

Searching life wherever may
reborn in every womb".


U .Pettersson

As I was resting on her tummy , I felt the world swirl.

Tired from endless enigmas , I was playing with her curls.

A lot of time with pen and paper , but not so much to show.

I tried to tell my story , but it made me feel so low

There is time for repent , there is time to heal.

For the thoughts I send , would probably appeal.

I accused you for ambition , while I ruined my own.

Romancing my sunset and mocking your dawn.

Concerned with Jacks drinking while I tried to drown my thirst.

At first I wanted to last , now at last will I be first.

There is time for repent.

Lyrics by : M.Värn