Left Avalon when the moon had turned red
Crashed in my bed , must have hurt my head
Cause I feels like its already to submerge
With the shades of gray

When I open my eyes , the sun tries to bust in
If you drinking enough , you only get thirsty
I cant really move until the headache is passing away

Ive been sent to this country that no one heard about
To satisfy  your needs of torture and murder
They have a crazy dictator whos counting what hes got
A radical guerilla whos fighting for the cause they forgot
Wont someone show me mercy

Ive been shot at and beaten can you tell me what for
Im not part of their foney war
They always kill the bartender at my favourite cantina
Just when I have thought them to make a decent Dry Martini
Wont someone show me mercy

I went here with a dream
A ambitions for myself
All that Ive completed
Was running my health

What am I doing here , if theres a place for me
Im not there

I wanted to write a book
That would be remembered when Im gone
when Im gone
Now Im sending short messages
On the telephone

What am I doing here
If theres a place for me , Im not there. . . .

Lyrics by M.Värn