Operating Manual

( Galleon )

Thank you and congratulations on your choice of this device
Equipped with highest quality there is no compromise
Designed to give you pleasure for as long as you may ask
Ultimately geared for any action , any task . . .

Please be sure to read this information thoroughly
that way you can spare yourself from lots of misery 
gain a grasp of every feature the unit may provide
we're sure that you from years to come will end up satisfied

Offers a complete selection of the algorithms
determine in which way the unit finally performs
It's the only tool you need to gain complete control
The settings are essential now you need to learn them all

First there is the common usage , but we will skip that part
We're confident in you and in your knowledge of that art

Rapidly we move towards advanced technology 
this is all you need to know to work it properly

After you have unpacked
Be ready to attract
watch your teeth and your nails
you don't want it to fail
Increase and decrease
it's display with ease
every preset is at hand
is at hand at your command
then it's time to apply
the utilities supplied

In the edit mode you'll find
all parameters assigned
all you need is to combine
two or more modes to align

Tempo editing is fun
you can change it on the run
but be careful in the sun
it's loosing speed when being stunned

And it's need some care
In between all of its works
to be sure to make it last forever

To get the most out of your toy
you'll have to treat it like a boy
In return you will enjoy
many years of luck and joy

But it needs some care
To make it run unconditionally
but in return it'll be your king breaking free . . .


Implementations , specifications follow in this book
technical descriptions on how the finish look
trouble shooting all presented everything's complete
table listings on all messages you may receive

Communication error can be due to wild abuse
improper execution makes the unit blow a fuse
implement solutions that's suggested or discerned
otherwise the unit should be packed for safe return

We maximized our efforts just to satisfy your need
we wish you luck in programming the units future deeds
don't hesitate to call us , we provided the support
The warranty is free of charge as long as its not in court

It's all in your dreams at night . . . .


Lyrics by : Ulf Petterson