(U.Petterson / M.Värn)


Another six pack pipe dream on a Saturday night , pretending he´s all right.

What would he say?
If i said that he's  wasting away.

The time it takes to heal it takes to fall.

I said-Jack don't you understand?
That the liquid you demand is bringing you down.

I can still see him frown.

The time it takes to fight it takes to die.

To sleep , perchance to dream.
Perchance to find some peace of mind.

And when I saw him acting out yesterdays role , noticing the absence of soul.

How did i feel?
Did it feel unreal?

The time it takes to see it takes to live.

To sleep . . . . .

And when you saw me leaving my life behind.

When you saw me acting like you...How did you feel?

Lyrics by : M .Värn