The Ballad Of Fortune

( Galleon )

You threw all your money into the wishing well

All to bring luck wealth and success

Prosperity and affection

The future was all that you needed

To put the world at your feet

Depended on hope trusted in fate

For things to come your way


I want to rise from this ditch i want to be rich

I will pay every fee if you please come to me

I will hitchhike my way back home

I will crawl bleed and groan

If you just make my will come true

My new life starts here with you

Upon a face a smile, so new


As the years went by you had to revise your account

Taking your time limit the claims

Aiming a little lower

Misfortunes they did not stop you you were looking the other way

You always knew that beyond the next bend

Youll find the rainbows end




Something's are meant to be

Some must be meant for me

And you could see for miles, you could see for miles

You could see for miles, miles and miles


In search of a fortune and everyday treasure

Thats what you deserve

If you finally win your life would begin

Thats a state you would prefer

Do you know where you are cause this state is so far

Theres a chance this can go wrong


But you could see for miles, yes you could see for miles

You could see for miles, miles and miles


Sometimes ive been on the border of the land where dreams come true

But its always the same im back once again

To the square where i once started out

Now when im old and lonely ive come to realize

It was a waste back at the well

Now im waiting for a change


C horus


Lyrics: U Petterson