Early spring
he came across the mountains
running from his past to liberty
this world , his hands
and nothing there to stop him
who cares for human property

I keep my claim

He made his home
in the valley by the river
sheltered from storm and the silent rain
without fear
the deadliest beast in the forest
the master of fire were to keep his claim

I keep my claim
Keep my claim

Strength by time
people followed his footsteps
with them buildings it´s an urban war
buildings became cities
it´s a natural expansion
and we don´t need to hide
in forests anymore

No one can own this land
the forests and mountains demand
the forces of nature runs free
when we were totally disrupted
we couldn´t see . .

No one . .

No one can heal this land
no one  . . .


Lyrics by : M.Värn