( Galleon )

Morning , the pale light embraced his face
His thoughts slowly returned from
a dreams confusing maze
He saw himself holding a scale
it was trembling in his hand
at one end was his kingdom , at the other a lonley man
Confused , betrayed by friends
Pleading justice , must break or bend

Some priests had formed a vicious plan
to convert all the Jews
a rabbi were to defending faith
persecution needs excuse

He met a man with integrity , different from anyone
he knew
It seemed so absurd to punish him for the crime
of being a Jew
they talked until the daybreak so much seemed to
make sense
How could religion be a capital offence
He gave him the right to defend his faith
But he couldn´t sense that he was safe

The priests wasn´t  interested in truth that you could measure
they gave their orders to the king and kept him
under pressure

The queen of Aragon , once so young and full of life
now she´s turning colder for every day that she´s been his wife
Her new lovers name is power and her passion
is to manipulate
She tries to keep her sanity by holding on to her faith
So hard to keep the faith , that makes her full of hate

Delia blessed by gods , nursed by angels
makes him feel like rocking on a cloud
she could ease all his troubles , cool him down
when he´s drunk and loud
She´s the only one who really loves the king
Looking beyond the weight of his crown
undisturbed by reality , she´s singing like a child
and he´s falling asleep to the sound

In the morning of the disputation
a hurricane was breaking the shoreline
the bishop and the queen was conspiring
When discussion began Abraham was speaking
with passion and precision
The appointed priest was retiring

Afterwards you could hear the silence
they were waiting for an act of violence
To save Abrahams life , the king had to be clever
he sentenced him to leave Aragon forever

Sons of Adam , why do you keep fighting
the ghettos in Poland , why do you keep fighting
Auschwitz , Sobibor , why do you keep fighting
Children of Israel keep fighting
keep fighting

Lyrics by : M.Värn