Let Us Be Amazed

( Galleon )

Itīs a wind across the hills       That takes my breath away

Its the sun upon the sky         That turn my eyes blind


And there is you in everything i see and everything i touch

I hear your voice in the songs the birds sing


Thereīs a haze upon the field       Enticing my soul

Itīs the bars at the gates of heaven      I am a prisoner here


What did Osiris bring ,when he entered the desert land

Maybe he provided ,knowledge to the skies

Tales of iron birds, drawings on the ancient walls

Speaks clearly to me, of a mind in another form

What did Zoser know, that wasnīt passed to Amon-Ra


So the key to it all

Can never be found

All we need to know

Is that the riddle is around

We keep movin on

To wherever that might be

All is nothing at all

And nothing is the only thing we know


The sun is shining down

It casts itīs lights upon the ground

Let us be, let us be amazed

The wind is blowing in the trees

Itīs a beautiful sound

Let us be, let us be amazed

Soon our search is over

As we pass the bars

I know weīll be, i know weīll be amazed



Lyrics: U Petterson