Three Colours


( Galleon )

Welcome to this land
And union we all call The European Community
Welcome to this world
The world of open trade  and global networks for you and me
And then we raise the walls to
Keep us safe and within

We are here     we here to make the choice
Of the future we want to live
They are there    knockin on our doors
To freedom and to opinions that are free
But we close the doors to
Keep us safe and within
And then we raise the walls.....

The market wants    increase in economy
And the fishermen claims their share
The farmer protests   for more benefits
And the drivers strike for a raise

The industry   wants to move to east
Where lower wages is a bliss
The much wants more   mentality
Is the ultimate predominant dream
It´s the same old song

The values we spoke   of solidarity
Is now words from a forgotten past
Just mind your own   egoistic vanity
In your soap tv false reality

Everyone got   an opinion to state
In debates in every media form
What we really need
Is translate words in to deeds
We have heard it all before
Still the same old song

In the 40:s we faught the great war
Young men lost their lives and souls
For our conviction of a better world
And to chrush the evil hordes  
The dark side was spreading their beliefs
Of hatred and utopian dreams
Dissidents and coloured had no room
A perfect world for a few

We put up the flag on the deadly shore
And we faught
We faught our way through the blood and dirt
To be free

We climbed the omaha beach
It was a bloody way we had to reach
To free the occupied turf
To give democrasy a fresh new birth
When we came back from the war
We set out some grand new goals
To unite the eurolands
And together we all should stand

We put up the flag on this virgin land
And we took
The first steps of freedom on this friendly shore
No more war      

No war

No war....


Lyrics by : Göran Fors