( Galleon )

He sees you every week
When you´re shoping at the mall
And sometimes you speak to him
When you leave your set of rolls
The family snapshots you have quiet a few
It breaks his heart in two
He wants to be there to

He´s lived over fifteen years
In the same old flat
But strangely doesn´t know
He´s neigbours faces or manes
So he takes some photos back home
To comfort he´s empty soul
And throug the tears he sees your world
He wants to be there to

He wants to belong   never more walk alone
The weekend is a dread
With the bottle and the only friend the tv set

All alone
Talking to the walls ready to fall all alone
A ghost in the night
All alone
With the glass in his hand and a distant mind he falls
A lonely man

This human hostile world
We developed so grand and fine
Has millions of peoples
With alienated minds
How can we break the barriers
Of solitude we created so well
And open up our society and crawl out of our shells

Pre chorus


Lyrics by : Göran Fors